Your Contract
Life Cycle Solution
At the core of SpendConnect Contract Management is a central repository which catalogs, monitors, and alerts users of the contract life cycle.  What makes us unique, however, is the ability to link your contracts with actual annual spending and budgets.  This is all done in a seamless, easy to navigate, dashboard environment that is fully hosted, requires no installation and is available via any browser or mobile device. 

Utilizing key meta data (the most important terms in your contracts), the SpendConnect team tags up to 50 key contract fields which will enable your firm to easily search, filter, and report on the most important metrics.

SpendConnect Contract Management provides a unique blend of technology and service that will provide your firm with the ultimate flexibility and assurance that your contracts are being tracked in managed in a consistent manner.

Unlike traditional contract management products, SpendConnect takes the manual process of uploading and managing contracts off your plate.  The SpendConnect process incorporates the ability to quickly upload all of your documents via a customized on-line form where a team of procurement professionals takes it from there.  This capture process allows clients to filter their contract universe on many key terms that traditional platforms do not allow. This unique process ensures ultimate consistency, integrity, and value from your contract management solution.

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